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The Francis Factor

Americans have gone completely gaga over a simple Argentinian priest who happened to get himself elected head of the world’s largest church. First it was Washington DC, the power base of American life and politics, turned upside down by the simple elegance of “El Papa”. In a city of influence-pedaling and power-broking, his earnest requests […]

The Search Party

In 2012, a woman went missing near Iceland’s Eldgja canyon…not a place you want to be lost alone. She had been traveling through Iceland with a group of tourists and their tour bus made a stop near the volcanic canyon. After the long ride and the excursion through the rough terrain, she wanted to freshen […]

Wait, wait!…

“Wait, wait…” It is his intrepid way to interrupt the ongoing line of chatter because something has sparked an urgent question in his quick young mind. I could be talking about anything at all, but if along the way I mention something he does not fully understand or wants to know more about, he simply blurts […]

I Pick You!

As I stared across the room I smiled and marveled at the wonderful, radiant woman she has become. It seemed like yesterday that my older brother and sister-in-law brought her home to be part of our big, crazy family. It was not a simple or an easy journey. But from day one this little girl had […]

Mugged At A Wedding

I got mugged at my daughter’s wedding! Well, sort of. The wedding was uncommon for a number of reasons. It was on a Sunday, because the bride and groom wanted to celebrate their love on a day when they normally celebrate their faith. It was in the morning, because they are breakfast people and wanted […]

The Days Of Our Lives

What do you do with all the days you wake up and know it is going to be “just another day?” Oh I know, the unexpected can happen. Life can throw a wicked fast curve ball and everything can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. But honestly, that doesn’t happen to […]

I Dare Ya’

These are the words every junior high boy loves to say but hates to hear. No time more so than when being challenged to attempt something that both exhilarates and horrifies you! The scene was an unfinished construction site just outside of Mountain View elementary school from which we had just graduated. Now elite students at Fairmont […]

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