Spent Shells

Ethiopian farmers find them all the time. Spent shells. Bomb casings from past wars and conflicts litter their fields like plastic water bottles on a busy roadside. This left-over battle waste must be cleared or it serves as a hazard to the farmer’s meager equipment. Question is, “What do you do with spent shells?” These […]

Help My Unbelief!

He had tried everything.┬áLiterally. After all, it was his son. The episodes of seizure and psychosis had gotten progressively worse. The boy had suffered innumerable indignities and caused incalculable anxiety for everyone he loved. The degree of pain and depth of suffering had taken its toll on the once-expectant heart of this committed dad. His […]

Too Much For Our Own Good

Contempt. The proverbial offspring of familiarity. It is the sense that we know something so well that we know it completely. Nothing mysterious, surprising or arousing is left to discover. That which is held in contempt is not despised because it is evil, it is devalued because it is common. Sometimes we are too close […]

“Altared” States

“Altared” States

I grew up in a church tradition that made a big deal about the “altar service”. A really big deal. For the uninitiated, an altar service is a time when people were invited to come to the front of the sanctuary and receive prayers for whatever ailed them. It was usually, but not always, at […]

The Last Laugh

Sometimes life laughs in your face. Sometimes people do too. Take a risk, attempt something unusual, break from the status quo, express something out of the ordinary and you will inevitably become the butt of scorning laughter. Jesus did. Resurrection Sunday causes us to realize the power He held over death. But He had clearly […]

Everything Changed

It was just another Sunday morning. Not really different from any other. The sun rose as it always did. The chores and challenges of daily living lay ahead. A new day; a new week. Another round in the endless cycle of routine sameness of living on this planet. That is what most of the world […]

Re-Purposing: When the Ordinary Becomes Sacred

Sometimes Jesus appears completely baffling…you know, one grape short of a cluster. Like becoming a divine vintner as his first miraculous act. Really? A heavenly sommelier to unveil earth’s salvation? (John 2) This miracle seemed strangely un-divine to me. But then I realized that this kind of thing ran in the family! It was His […]

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