Living An Ellipsis

I confess. I tend to overdo things I love. Sushi by the boatload. Fishing marathons in the backyard. Tiger Woods golf tourneys on the iPad. Facebook shares of the grandkids. Coffee and good books in the early morning. And when writing, I overuse ellipses. Not commas like most folks, but ellipses. Yep, the three dots […]

More Than…

He was supposed to draw a “hero”–you know, someone who does dramatic things that save people’s lives. You would expect a fire-fighter, soldier or policeman. Or at least a comic book superhero. He drew a Starbucks barista. This first grader seemed to have it all wrong. How did a person who brewed high-priced java become […]

Too Much For Our Own Good

Contempt. The proverbial offspring of familiarity. It is the sense that we know something so well that we know it completely. Nothing mysterious, surprising or arousing is left to discover. That which is held in contempt is not despised because it is evil, it is devalued because it is common. Sometimes we are too close […]

The Lunchbox

“Don’t forget your lunch!” Good thing his mother hollered that reminder. The boy was so excited he’d nearly taken off without it. Little did he know when he grabbed it and ran like a thief out the door what the day would hold for that lunchbox. This was a day of big adventure. He was finally going to see […]

Gotta Make A Living

Sewer inspector. Charcoal maker. Dirt sterilizer. Worm dung farmer. Bat cave scavenger. Dirty jobs. In fact, according to Mike Rowe who made himself famous visiting and participating in these and many other nasty employment opportunities on the hit TV show Dirty Jobs, these are some of the all-time dirtiest. When asked why they do these […]

Light From A Bug’s Butt

“Look Pawpaw…its butt lights up!” That’s exactly what you’d expect to hear from a 5-year-old seeing fireflies for the first time in his young life. Mikey was mesmerized by the bioluminescent glow of the lightning bugs all around us as we waited for the 4th of July fireworks to come streaming off the hilltop in McCaysville, […]

Primary Colors

It was an idyllic setting. A tiny boutique restaurant atop a bluff overlooking the rugged coastline of Portsalon in County Donegal, Northern Ireland. The quaint, elegant café was a favorite of the locals. It didn’t take me long to understand why. Across the bay lined with the small fishing boats responsible for some of what we […]

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