Spitting Image

“She looks just like you!” That’s the usual, almost automatic response we give to any new parent holding their baby. Sometimes its only an unfounded nicety since most babies really look like, well…babies. But for our newest granddaughter its not just a nice thing to say when you first meet her. She looks like her […]

Remember Your Journey

Boxes pile up, filling every room of this big beautiful house. So do memories. Fifteen years is a good bit of time to hunker down in one place. A lot of water has passed under this bridge. When we moved in, we were seven people from three generations. One generation left us over these years. Another […]

Instafamous…and why we live small lives

Instafamous…that status you get when you blow up on Instagram. Lots of followers on your feed equals lots of fame in your following. It’s all relative, isn’t it? Lots of fish seem big in a small pond. But you can can become a moderate phenom if you learn to use the site well. My son-in-law, Chase, introduced this old […]

That’s My Dad

My Dad died two months ago. I was privileged to speak at his memorial. With Father’s day around the corner, I thought I’d share some excerpts from that eulogy to honor his memory…. If you knew my Dad or ever sat under his ministry, you most likely know the words: “The Cedars of Lebanon.” It was the title of His […]

Don’t Forget

She forgot my name. That was the hardest part. The woman who gave me life and then guarded that life with her life couldn’t remember what she had dubbed me when my life began. Mom worked tirelessly to make “home” unforgettable for her five children and gaggle of grandchildren by etching it permanently into our psyches […]

Mugged At A Wedding

I got mugged at my daughter’s wedding! Well, sort of. The wedding was uncommon for a number of reasons. It was on a Sunday, because the bride and groom wanted to celebrate their love on a day when they normally celebrate their faith. It was in the morning, because they are breakfast people and wanted […]

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