Now You See Him

nativityEver since that fateful day in My beautiful Garden when Adam turned and walked away, I kept trying to get them to see the real Me again.

It is amazing how one choice on one day could change every other day forever.

A viper’s whispered question about My love and motives planted a skeptical pause in her heart.

That wondering created their wandering.

It was only a matter of time until how they saw Me no longer bore any semblance to how I am. When their view of Me got that twisted so did their world.

But it isn’t like I got caught off guard. The Three of us saw it coming even before I scooped up dust and starting forming their future.

We knew they would lose sight of Us and in that blind void would create a warped caricature from the deep well of their own fear and shame.

Disproportionate and disfigured, these “gods” they created were nothing like Me at all.

Angry. Vindictive. Weak. Powerless. Lustful. Vengeful. Egotistical.

All the worst of what they had become apart from Me were simply amplified and then deified.

Sadly, they also gave these misrepresentations My name. Then they did unspeakable things with that Name attached.

Tragically, for the uninitiated, this grotesque distortion was all they knew of Me.

But while everything since the Garden had been turned upside down, one thing remained constant in the chaos.

I loved them and I was determined that they would see Me again as I am and have always been.

It was My eternal, unalterable intention to be known.

Over the centuries I gave them hints–snippets really. Pictures and poems and prophets that screamed My passionate love and made it utterly clear: “That is not who I am!”

While some got the Message, most could not see Me in those silhouettes, songs and sermons. Their soul’s retina were etched with the skewed perceptions of both My heart and My affections.

Finally, it was time to remove the smoke and mirrors–the cloak and dagger approach to getting their attention–and just let them see Me for real.

I knew if I pulled back the heavens to reveal My strength and splendor they would be overwhelmed and terrified. It seems they have never been able to understand the mercy that motivates My power.

So I tweaked political agendas, bent their understanding of time around My birthday and caused social upheaval on a grand scale.

I sent birth announcements to the plainest of blue collared workers and scribbled signs in the skies to nutty professors who counted stars and believed in extraterrestrial fantasies.

All this so they would focus their full attention on a speck of dust in the Middle East. I was so determined that they would understand me, I showed up in a Podunk town, made a cattle stall My nursery and a feeding trough My cradle.

Then I snuck into their world as a tiny baby through the womb of a timid teen-aged girl. For 33 years I lived as them, for them, so that among them My true story would become clear.

Never again would they have an excuse to see Me in the contorted context of their broken hearts.

I no longer needed interpretation or explanation.

My servant John said it best. “The Word”–the truest expression of who I am and how I feel about them–“became flesh and dwelt among US and we have seen…” (John 1:14)

As My Son would often say when He was hanging with His entourage, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” (John 14:9)

Sure, sometimes they still don’t get it. But then, neither did the twelve who rubbed elbows with Jesus for those three years.

But those who are willing to lay down their crazy ideas about Me and see Me for who I really am–the Me I showed them at the first Christmas–those folks get to be part of the greatest story ever told.


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