Wait, wait!…

childwonder“Wait, wait…”

It is his intrepid way to interrupt the ongoing line of chatter because something has sparked an urgent question in his quick young mind.

I could be talking about anything at all, but if along the way I mention something he does not fully understand or wants to know more about, he simply blurts out…

“Wait, wait!…”

If I heard it once over the summer, I heard it…well, you know.

He has a hankering for the distraction of a rabbit trail. Some spark of interest has landed on the vast field of his unbridled imagination and you can smell the smoke as the fire of curiosity spreads.

It seems that Gabe, our oldest grandson, has curiosity on steroids!

He doesn’t just want to know, he has to know. A cursory rendering of facts will never satisfy his voracious mind. He digs…deep. Questions everything. He lives with a sense of fascination over what to others may seem like little things. He’s been afflicted with it since birth.

Wide-eyed wonder appears written into his DNA.

Like many bright minds, he possesses a “knowing” that there is always more to the story and that the best stuff is under the surface–if only we have the courage to dig it up.

Whenever I am around him I want to be like him. I long to feel that hunger to know, that longing for depth; that pull of the imagination and passion to unearth cool stuff.

I want to be curious again.

I want to experience that hair-raising jolt of a thought-epiphany; that heart-stopping astonishment from an unearthed mind-gem.

But honestly, it’s difficult to recapture that when you reach mid-fifties and have seen far more than you ever wanted of the painful failure and rampant futility of the “real world”.

It is even harder when you look in the mirror and face all the ways you have short-circuited your dreams with the shortcuts of short-sighted living.

Fascination is easy to lose when riding the carousel called normal.

This world has a way of extinguishing the fire of curiosity that once raged in each of us. The routines of busyness, the ruts of performance, the rub of familiarity all conspire to rob us of one of the singular things that sets us apart and makes us human.


Living in the daze of the daily tends to act like a slow soul leak emptying us of the power and depth of discovery. It is amazing how we become so ingrained in the regularity of sunup and sundown that we forget each is marked by sunrise and sunset.

  • Changing dozens of diapers strips the young parent of the marvel of the new baby.
  • Making yet another bed steals the grateful joy of a warm place to call home.
  • Balancing the checkbook pilfers the passion of a long and intimate marriage.
  • Making one more game kidnaps the pleasure of seeing your child achieve.

Boredom easily replaces astonishment. We start taking for granted what should be taking our breath away.

It is no different in the spiritual dimension of life.

Somehow we humans have tried so hard to make God understandable by our intellectual dissection and religious classification that we have…

  • Turned the staggering expedition to the depths of our Creator into seven-steps-to-a-better whatever is in vogue.
  • Reduced the Maker of earth’s marvels to a cosmic accountant more adept at minding our p’s and q’s than boggling our best minds.
  • Degraded the wildly abandoned love of God into a reward system based on our pompous efforts rather than His passionate affection.

In short, we have made God boring. Or at least the one-dimensional God we insipidly present to world longing for shock and awe.

No wonder there’s no wonder.

But we are created for so much more!

Designed in the heart of God to be “masterpieces” (Ephesians 2:10, NLT) that reflect His promise, passion and purpose. We simply must not continue to settle for so much less. The Kingdom into which we are invited by God is one characterized by  spine-tingling exploration and jaw-dropping discovery.

There just is no end to all that can be uncovered and probed in this spacious place of God’s loving reign.

Jesus lived in such a way that God the Father could point to him and enthusiastically declare about how we should live, That’s what I meant!”

It is that same Jesus who promised “more and better life than (we) ever dreamed of.” (John 10:10, MSG). It is that same Father that “by his power within us is able to do far more than we ever dare to ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20, Phillips).

Maybe it’s time to interrupt the on-going discounting of life and devaluing of God by finding the courage to let the cry volcanically erupt from the depths of our souls…

“Wait, wait!…”


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  2. I loved the part about your grandson and how we let our curiosity be crowded out by the minute details of life…Judy


  3. […] comfortable, it can take time Waiting RoomS. Thomas Summers: Writing with Some Ink and a Hammer KindlingWordWait, wait!… Turn the PaigeThe Tide’s Gift ParkInkSpotWorth the wait? A Day In The LifeSlow Down, You Move Too […]


  4. That is surely the truth!


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