The Days Of Our Lives

rutsWhat do you do with all the days you wake up and know it is going to be “just another day?”

Oh I know, the unexpected can happen. Life can throw a wicked fast curve ball and everything can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

But honestly, that doesn’t happen to most people most days. Today, like so many days, holds the promise of redundant, normal, banal, mundane stuff.

Laundry will get done. Grass mowed. Cars washed. Subway stops. Clocks punched. Meals made. Commutes (and crazy people!) endured. Children will try patience. Spouses romance. Workers shortcuts. And bosses will try, well, bossing.

Teenagers will try anything!

Patterns will harden. Ruts will deepen. Habits will habituate and routines routinize.

It is just how the world goes ’round.

Yet, “this is the day the Lord has made”…this everyday is anything but average. This daily day is pregnant with potential, imbued with eternal and saturated with spiritual. Every day is a day that can change us–alter our story, transform our character and radicalize our relationships.

Today we will be world-changers and history-makers! But tonight it probably will not look like it.

Chances are pretty high when we lay our heads on our pillows to rest we will be feeling all que sera sera.

The Psalmist’s reaction to ‘this day’ is challenging. “We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Notice he does not say “We will face today with a gaping yawn.”

  • Rejoice–outwardly expressed exuberance for inwardly realized grace for the day
  • Be glad–an attitude soaked with positive faith and grateful receptivity for the day

It is the perspective of someone who knows this day could be like every other day–or it could be unlike any other day. Either way, it is the day the Lord–who knows what kind of day we need–has made just for us.

It is an act of the will to believe that beneath all the repetitive routine of the day there is something unique, new and significant.

It takes faith to believe your daily leads to your destiny.

But if you get a whiff of that truth, you can and will “rejoice and be glad in it.”

One of my favorite Jesus-tales (parables) is that the Kingdom of Heaven is like yeast worked into a mound of wet flour. It works its hidden magic to give rise to the lump until, when some heat is applied, it becomes a delicious loaf.

  • What is more normal and basic and routine than bread?
  • What is more mysterious and hidden and unstoppable than yeast?

Jesus makes it clear that while we are ordinary flour just doing our job existing, His Kingdom is at work in and among us to create soul-nourishment from our ordinary living. We don’t make His Kingdom work, it just does.

And our piles of dough are enriched and enlarged simply by its hidden presence.

So go ahead. Be normal. Let the wheels of life roll in the ruts of living. But know this:

Something bigger is happening underneath it all. God is working. The Kingdom is expanding. Grace is exploding.

Once in a while you get to see signs of that peek through your dailyness. Those are unforgettable time-warping, heart-stopping moments. Relish them.

But on days like today, when normal is the norm, “rejoice and be glad in it.”

Because the Kingdom is sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

These are the days of our lives.

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