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I love writing.mattfoley1

Being a writer, however, is something I carefully avoid. The Rodney Dangerfield of creatives, a writer “just can’t get no respect.”

In a classic sketch from perhaps the greatest ensemble of comedians ever, Chris Farley plays the inept and improbable motivational speaker, Matt Foley. As the hilarious scene with the family unfolds, Foley asks the son what he wants to do for a living. The hesitant teen reluctantly admits that he wants to be a writer. With impeccable comedic timing, Foley responds, “well la-de-freakin-dah, we got ourselves a writer here!”

That attitude tends to inform my view of being a writer. I feel like a silly dreamer who needs to be living “in a van down by the river!” But then I consider this.

If writers never used word-craft to poke holes in Heaven and let previously unrealized truth radiantly stream to earth, most history-altering ideas would never have emerged.

The cocoon of the imagination is the womb of actualization.

In one of the more significant books I have read, Erwin McManus unpacks this concept. “We artisans are created to transform the invisible into the visible…Everything that exists began as an idea; everything we define as reality began as nothing more than imagination. Reality exists because it was first imagined.” (The Artisan Soul)

God is the ultimate patron and benefactor to those willing to embrace dreaming and risk imagining.

An old Teacher reflecting on God once said, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…” (Ephesians 3:20)

In other words, we can never out-imagine God.

It was these words that inspired some of my own. I don’t just want to imagine, I want to imagine more.

Imagine that the pain you feel could bring your Savior worship,
Imagine that your ordinary life is filled with purpose.
Imagine that your struggles now will change you at the core,
Now, Imagine More!

Imagine that the work you do could change the world around you,
Imagine that the words you speak to the broken heart could renew.
Imagine that the prayer you pray will open heaven’s door,
Now, Imagine More!

Dream a bigger dream than you have ever dared to dream
Hope for greater miracles than you have ever seen.
Ask for God to give you what you’ve never had before
Then, Imagine More!

Imagine that your family is a portrait of true vict’ry,
Imagine that your children will each walk into their destiny.
Imagine that your story has more power than before
Now, Imagine More!

Imagine that your church can see your city’s strongholds fall
Imagine that your dearest friends will answer Jesus’ call.
Imagine that you will be what Jesus saved you for,
Now, Imagine More!

For God can do immeasurably more than we have been believing for.
So go ahead see what’s in store…Imagine More!

Imagine what you’ll see when you can stand before his throne,
Imagine what you’ll feel when you forever are his own.
Imagine all the joy when you reach what you’re longing for.
Then…you’ll Imagine No More!*


Words & Music by Michael W. Thompson

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