Vulnerable Intimacy: The Treasure of Holy Week

UpperroomHoly week is sacred and scary space.

Sacred because the intimacy of Jesus and His disciples was so real. Scary because the vulnerability in those moments was so raw.

That might explain our tendency to rush past the quiet moments of the week to get to the joy of Resurrection Sunday.

But if we take that short-cut, we miss the closest moments of Jesus life with His disciples.

The vulnerable intimacy of the upper room and the revealing depth of the olive grove shaped the disciples as much as the cross saved them.

Before the curtain in the Temple of God was torn to expose God’s ultimate purpose to heaven, hell and history; the veil in the heart of Jesus was drawn to reveal His deepest passions to His closest friends. As they approached the cross, Jesus entrusted His intimate hopes and intense dreams to those who would shape the world with His story.

He told them difficult things about themselves. He spoke directly to the disciple’s confusion and fear. He brokenheartedly exposed Judas’ betrayal and end. He honestly addressed Peter’s failure and destiny. He altered their identity from students to confidants by inviting them into His perspective.

He told them deep things about himself. He bared His heart–exposing His fears, sharing His hopes and revealing His pain. He changed their relationship from servants to friends by inviting them into His passion.

He told them amazing things about the Kingdom. How it was bigger, would last longer and extend farther than they could imagine. He transformed their status from followers to leaders by inviting them into His purpose.

Throughout this fateful week, the disciples walked in His immediate presence and heard His intense desires. They received the divine infusion which enabled them to radically impact the course of history. They experienced creative intimacy and spiritual connection that literally made them extensions of Jesus in the earth–carriers of an incarnational God; bearers of the heart of Jesus.

The closer they got to the cross the more of Jesus they got to know.

And they would have missed it all had it not been for the slow, intentional pace of Holy Week.

The treasures you unearth on the way to that empty tomb are the discoveries that change you forever.

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