Portals of Eternity

lightcracksThe promise of hope is often hidden in presence of pain.

God’s powerful mercy is frequently birthed into our living reality wrapped in the swaddling clothes of difficult circumstance.

Jesus made wonderful predictions of His intention to transform the world through His disciples. But He warned them that those promises would be fulfilled through the darker moments of their lives. They would be the focus of unfair persecution and undeserved pain, but in those agonizing seasons He would be with them–giving words, orchestrating opportunities and protecting destiny.

What would look like random, chaotic, out-of-control circumstances would turn out to be the best chance for bold witness–expressions of life as it should be in the midst of life at its worst.

Like brilliant stars in an inky black sky, the beauty of their lives would stand in stark contrast to the bleak midnight of the culture. Darkness would be the backdrop for streaming light.

External chaos would simply create the fractures in reality where the brilliant light of Jesus’ passion and purpose would come blazing through. Like the cracks in an eggshell at the birth of an eagle, the ruptures of distressing circumstance and unfair situation would release new life from another plane.

Words of life would flow through the lips of suffering servants. Sorrows would save. Wounds would heal. Death would release life.

Jesus went on to personally demonstrate this from His own cross–erupting with cries of sorrow and declarations of hope that transformed undeserved pain into unmerited favor. His resurrection created a fissure in time and ushered in a Kingdom where eternity radiates in the here and now.

In turn, the disciples revealed it in their persecutions–resolutely expressing the radically mercies of God from catacombs, crucibles and coliseums.

And every time we faithfully display, joyfully express and confidently release Jesus’ goodness in the broken, fragmented moments of life on this planet, the fractures of our souls reveal the fragrance of our Father in ways no one can deny or refute.

Light in darkness. Beauty from ashes. Joy through mourning.

And all around us, broken people begin to hope that fractures in reality can become portals of eternity.

(Thoughts after reading Luke 21)


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